Office buildings
Providing comfort and well-being of employees working in office buildings and optimizing energy consumption is one of the most important essential features of any modern office complex.
Appropriate levels of cold and humidity in office rooms affect the comfort perceived by people and reduce the risk of respiratory diseases. Humidification is usually needed during the winter because heating systems usually dry the air and making it difficult to breathe. The comfort and well-being of the residents depends directly on the humidity and coldness of the ambient air.
Building control and management systems are systems that are used to create favorable conditions and prevent energy loss in modern buildings. The basis of building automation systems is based on measuring and controlling temperature, humidity and lighting. the production equipment of Day Part Sun Asia SUNWARD series model SUN99 and BATEC series model PC21 has the ability to work and control the thermal and cooling equipment of the building, including chillers, hot water boilers, cooling towers and etc. These controlers are a complete PID controller and have the ability to work with industrial controler equipment such as PLC. SUNWARD series controls have the ability to control heat, cold, humidity in a single poin