Pharmaceutical industry
The pharmaceutical industry is very important due to its direct relationship with the health of society and is one of the strategic industries of any country. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest industries in the world that plays an significant role in self-sufficiency and national security of any country.
The pharmaceutical industry needs very precise control of air properties; in fact, temperature and humidity significantly affect the operating conditions of environments where chemical processes take place. The accuracy of many chemical reactions also depends on the humidity level of the air. Therefore, precise control of these parameters leads to better process control and as a result, more quantity and quality of the product.
Temperature and humidity control has a direct impact on the drug production process and a very important impact on the comfort and convenience of staff. In order to do the above, the SUNWARD series devices , SUN 15-TI and SUN25-H models have the ability to control and display heat and cold with very high accuracy. In addition, for subsequent registration and observation of all production processes of various drugs, it is possible to use data loggers produced by this company. To meet the above, all alarms of drug production machines are connected to the data logger and information is stored.