Plastic industry
Iran is one of the largest holders of oil resources in the world. The development of downstream industries such as the plastics industry, whose raw materials can be easily and immediately supplied within the country, is of great importance for the growth and development of the industry.
In the plastics industry, there are various methods for the production of plastic parts: injection molding, impact molding, thermoforming, extrusion, etc.
In all of these production options, precise temperature control of the tools is very important. In a way, the accuracy and quality of the product depends directly on the precise control of the temperature in all stages of the work.
To control the temperature of the casting equipment of the plastics production industry, the controllers of Day Part San Asia ECOTEC series models SIC 35 - SIC 36 - SIC 37 - SIC 38 - SIC 38H have the ability to precisely control the production and injection processes of plastics. Due to the importance of recording the temperature of all stages of production of plastics to investigate system errors and problems, it is possible to install, sample and record the temperature of all stages of the production process by the data loggers produced by this company.