Textile industry
The textile industry is one of the oldest industries in history, the most important human need after food is clothing, this issue makes the importance of the textile industry even more clear.
In the weaving and textile industry, maintaining relative humidity in predetermined range has a great impact on the efficiency of the production process and a significant contribution to the quality of the final product. In fact, the amount of air humidity directly affects the properties of the yarn and its efficiency. When the air is very dry, the fibers lose their elasticity, become thinner and more brittle. Low humidity also increase the friction between the yarn and the knitting equipment, which reduces the slippage of the fibers on the machine. This limitation can cause the device to malfunction and reduce the efficiency of the production system. In addition, maintaining humidity at a predetermined level helps to reduce the amount of dust in the air. Reducing the amount of dust improves the quality of the processing environment or storage of products and eliminates the risk of small powders clogging in moving structures. Keeping the moisture in the standard amount is just as important as it can cause the fabric to dry and shrink if the moisture is not controlled and reduced too much.
In addition to the above, the data loggers produced by this company have the ability to record environmental conditions. Also, by data logger, it is possible to record the signals of knitting machines, by recording the signals of knitting and spinning machines, it is possible to check the stopping times and to check the problems that have occurred. In this way, it is possible to accurately investigate the alarms and errors created, and by eliminating the above-mentioned cases, the quantity, speed and quality of production can be significantly improved. In order to accurately control the temperature and humidity in the textile production halls, the controllers of Day Part Sun Asia SUNWARD series, SUN 15-T1 SUN25-H models, have the ability to accurately control the temperature and the amount of ambient humidity.