Tobacco industry
Despite the harms of smoking for the body, this industry has a high turnover and the processing of tobacco products is of great importance.
Tobacco is a moisturizing substance and has a high moisture content. This means that when the air is very dry, they tend to release moisture into the environment. Obvious contraction and weight loss of the leaves happens in this situation. Obviously, this also has negative consequences for the production process. To overcome this problem, the amount of moisture and temperature in all stages of production must be maintained within the allowable limit. Ensuring these conditions allows tobacco to retain its natural quality and aroma until consumption.
In addition to the above, traditionally method of drying tobacco is a process that takes between 3 to 8 weeks. The time consuming nature of this method is one of its major problems. It is necessary to use dryers to speed up the drying and processing of tobacco. Tobacco drying and dehumidification operations must be done in a very precise and controlled process to save the taste and smell of tobacco. To achieve this, the temperature and humidity of tobacco leaves are carefully measured by sensors and the necessary commands are issued to activate or deactivate the heaters in drying equipment. Controllers manufactured by Day Part Sun Asia Co. ECOTEC series And BATEC have the ability to control a variety of drying processes.