Wood industry
Wood is one of the first materials that has been provided to humans since the beginning of human civilization. The use of wood in various industries such as house building, handicrafts and decoration has been very important.
All types of wood are very sensitive to the properties of air. In fact, Expansion and contraction happens depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment. For this reason, in order to optimization of process, maintain and store wood, the temperature and humidity of the air must be regularly controlled. To ensure the best performance of wood in all stages of the woodworking production process, the amount of water in the wood must be maintained between 9 and 11 percent, failure to comply with these requirements, especially low humidity, can damage the appearance of wood .
The controllers of Day Part Sun Asia BATEC series PC22 and PC21 models have the ability to control the heating processes to control different types of wood drying ovens. In addition, SUNWARD series controllers, SUN15-TI - SUN25-H models, have the ability to precisely control the temperature and humidity of the storage area and the timber and wood depot. The above controllers can be programmed simply through the device panel, and after programming the device, the output relays are activated according to the given program and the heating equipment or output dampers are activated. Due to the fact that the above equipment has the ability to connect to modules with a SIM card and also the ability to connect to industrial networks, monitoring and controlling the furnace and warehouse remotely via mobile phone or Internet line, as well as connecting controllers to industrial automation systems are possible.