Electrical, gas, coal and induction furnaces
The correct and accurate operation of all types of furnaces depends on precise temperature control and sending activating or deactivating alarms to heat generating equipment
All Day Part Sun Asia Company controlers has the ability to simple or multi-stage control different types of industrial furnaces. PC 21 controller is one of the most important products in this regard, which has the ability to control a multi-stage thermal process and has the ability to work in auto tune mode.
The BATEC PC21 and BATEC PC22 controllers are specially designed and manufactured to control a variety of thermal furnaces. The PC 22 controller is a two-stage ON / OF controller for controlling heating processes, and the BATEC PC21 controller is an advanced multi-stage controller. The above controllers can be made as PID and AUTO TUNE at the request of employers. The PC 21 controller also has the ability to connect to a computer and being monitored through software.